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Helping Ordinands training to be Churh of England clergy since 1777!

1 The history of the Elland Society.

2 The Elland Society Today.

3 Conditions for Grants.

1 The History of the Elland Society.

After its foundation in 1767 the Elland Society decided to give grants for those in training for the ordained ministry in the Church of England. At first all expenses of University training were met. Over the years, as the Church has taken more responsibility, the Society has moderated its grants to items that are not included in the Main Church Grant.

The Elland Society stands within the Evangelical Tradition of the Church of England and requires that candidates be Evangelical in conviction and outlook.

2 The Elland Society Today

The trustees are all ordained members of the Church of England. Communication is by eMail.

3 Conditions for Grants

As long as it is directly related to official training and was not allowed for in the official Main Church Grant the Elland Society may be able to help. Evangelical Ordinands sponsored by dioceses in the Province of York, or who intend to serve their title in that Province have priority. Our grants are open to men and women ordinands in residential or non-residential training.

Recent Grants given


* Replacement of household equipment eg fridge/cooker

* Special footwear for members of the family.

* Family Educational expenses eg music lessons.

* Repais to/Loss of Income on an ordinands house.

* Unexpected vehicle expenses where the car is needed in the course of training for special family needs.

* Unexpected loss of a spouse's earnings.

* Crisis Counselling.

* Towards theological Study overseas for ordinands from the Province of York or who intend to serve their title in that Province. Grants for overseas travel are not given to any who do not fulfil our Northern Province condition.

* Purchase of books where it is not allowed for in the Main Church Grant.

* Outstanding National Insurance contributions.

* Travel with broken limbs.

Grants in any financial year are only given to applicants who fulfil our Northern Province condition. If any of our income for that year is left, then after 1st April applicants from outside that area will be considered.

If you qualify please download an Application Form,fill it in and send it with an eMail setting out your need to:

If you cannot access eMail, send by post to:

Rev Colin Judd, Secretary, The Elland Society, 57 Grosvenor Rd.,

Shipley, W Yorks, BD18 4RB

tel: 01274 584775



- Application Form

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