Conditions for Grants:

1 Grants are made to ordinands who are Evangelical in conviction and outlook.

2 To qualify a candidate must be in the course of their theological training be it residential or non-residential. This must have been approved by their diocese.

3 Applicants must have some genuine financial need outside their anticipated agreed budget

4 Priority for grants is given to ordinands sponsored by dioceses in the Province of York, or who intend to serve their title in that Province.

5. Please save the Application Form in .doc or .rtf format (NOT .docx please). Either attach it to an email of copy and paste it into the body of your email

Application form


Please make sure you answer ALL the questions

1. Full Name:

2 Address for correspondence:


eMail address:

3 Date of birth:

4 Home Parish and/or church attended:

5 Incumbent's name and address:


eMail address:

6 Spouse's name (if applicable) and names and ages of any dependent children:

7. Occupation prior to college and any qualifications or degrees:

8 Name and address of Diocesan Director of Ordinands:


eMail address:

9 Have you approached your DDO about your needs? YES/NO Your DDO is the first person you should contact.

10 With what result?

11 Sponsoring Diocese:

12 Name and address of the college and Principal. Your course and its starting date and length:

eMail address:

13 Diocese in which you will serve your title (if known):

14 Have you applied to the Church Times Hardship Fund YES/NO? Their address is "The Grants Secretary, Ministry Division, Church House, Gt Peter St., London, SW1P3NZ"

15 If you are applying for assistance with vehicle costs, is there an allowance for this in your Main Church Grant, YES/NO and if so how much? Please explain in your letter why it is needed:

16 Please write a letter setting out the reasons for your need of additional financial assistance  Copy it into the body of an eMail and attach the completed Application form to the eMail and send it to:


17 I confirm that I am Evangelical in conviction...See the page on this website to see how we assess this.

If you have already sent a hard copy of your letter to the Secretary please also send it by eMail and state that a copy has already been sent.

The secretary will contact your DDO and possibly other referees seeking assistance in establishing the reasons for your request.




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